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Our Boats

Circle Line is proud to operate the most modern sightseeing and entertainment fleet in the New York Harbor.

We'd be nowhere - literally - without our awesome fleet and crew.

Circle Line is proud to have the most modern fleet in the industry. We currently operate seven ships in the New York Harbor

Our ships have been built not only to navigate our world-famous sightseeing tours, but are ideal for all types of events, including entertainment cruises, happy hours, charters and more.

Bronx Class

The newest ships to our fleet, the Bronx Class sets the standard for on-the-water sightseeing. Built from 2014-2018, these boats feature grand windows, three spacious decks, heating and air conditioning for comfort in all conditions and outdoor deck space, rest assured that you will be cruising the Hudson's finest.

The Circle Line Bronx, Circle Line Staten Island and our newest ship, the Circle Line Liberty are all Bronx Class boats.

Circle Line Bronx

Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens

Launched in 2008 by Circle Line Manhattan godmother Whoopi Goldberg these ships represent the modernization of traditional cruise vessels. Constructed in Somerset, MA, the Manhattan replaced the retired 76-year-old Calypso, also known as Circle Line XI. She was followed by the Circle Line Brooklyn and Circle Line Queens in 2009. These ships are the most luxurious boats that can circle the entire island of Manhattan and are the pride of our "Best of New York" cruises, our flagship experience.

Manhattan Class

Circle Line XVI

The Circle Line XVI started its journey as Nike, a United States Coast Guard cutter named after the Greek goddess of victory. It was commissioned in October 1934 and was one of three cutters rushed to be part of the initial defense in Key West, Florida, around 1941 alongside the Nemesis, Vigilant, 19 unarmed Coast Guard planes and fourteen lightly armed Army planes. Nike conducted patrol and rescue around Key West for most of WWII, picking up and rescuing stragglers and survivors.

Decommissioned in December 1964, Nike was eventually sold to Circle Line in May 1966 and later renamed Circle Line XVI.

Circle Line XVI

Circle Line XVII

Originally a United States Coast Guard cutter, Triton – named after the Greek demigod of the sea, son of Poseidon, the Circle Line XVII has a rich history. Commissioned in November 1934, Coast Guard cutters were designed for the enforcement of Prohibition, but were adapted for other uses after Prohibition ended.

Around 1942, Triton was classified as a patrol craft and operated out of Key West where it took part in anti-submarine warfare (ASW) on many patrols and operations throughout the years. Triton was decommissioned in January 1967 and sold to Circle Line two years later, where by 1973 it was converted into a passenger vessel and renamed Circle Line XVII.

Circle Line XVII